Daylight Sunlight Consulting Ltd assesses the reduction in light that might be lost if a development were to proceed.  

We utilise the latest computer software to model the site and surrounding properties, extracting out the rights of light, daylight, sunlight and overshadowing results for review. Having a great depth of experience in the assessment of impacts, we draw upon key legislation and previous case law to advise on the effects and report on the findings. We will tailor our advice to suit the client, giving them an assessment of the risk, but more importantly, what reasonable solutions there might be to resolve the issue. 

 Common introductions from new clients are: 

“We are looking to purchase this site, are there any issues with our initial design?” 
“We have had a preapplication meeting with the local authority and they have raised daylight and sunlight concerns and need them addressing before we can submit.” 
“We have been notified by an adjoining owner that they want to protect their right to light, but we have obtained planning approval?” 
“The adjacent building is under construction and we are concerned they are taking our light away, what can we do?” 
“What is a right to light?” 

 Answering your Questions 

We are able to assist with all the above questions, and would be only too pleased to attend site and give our initial overview of the issue. We advise on sites all around the country. 
We are the conduit between many of the design team members in a construction team, liaising with architects, solicitors, planning consultants, affected parties, planning officials, as well as the developer.  
We will do our utmost to resolve the issue to provide the best outcome. 

 Matthew Craske  

Matthew Craske is the director and business owner, and has over 25 years of experience in the field. Having started out modelling and extracting out the technical data from CAD modelling, Matthew has a great appreciation of the effects and visualizing scheme proposals. Matthew has advised on many different schemes, varying from small extensions, multi-phased housing developments to towers in the City. Matthew has advised many developers, adjoining owners, local authorities and funding investors, giving advice on risks and strategies to overcome issues. His experience has also led him to advise as an expert witness, but he prides himself on seeking to avoid the necessity of having his instructions go through more formal legal process, rather finding a solution that works for all. 


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